Chipping Challenges pt 1

Now that I have a month to prepare for stage 2 of the European Tour qualifying tournament, I feel like I need to update the processes and challenges that I do. In order for the practice to be as efficient as possible the drills need to be fresh and fun. So this is the first blog post in my effort to renew my “book of challenges and drills”.

The first new drill I’m going to try is called “throwing darts”. This challenge is taken from James Sieckmann’s book “Your short game solution” and works the following way:

(quotes are from Sickmann’s book) ” Play nine random short-game holes (three easy, three medium and three difficult) from 30 yards and in with one ball”. Score each hole based on the proximity to the pin following your first shot using the following scoring system:

Make: 5points
Inside 1 club length: 3 points
Inside 2 club lengths: 2 points
Inside 3 club lengths: 1 point
Outside 3 club lengths: 0 points

Tournament level players should achieve a minimum Dart score of 18 points. As always, use your score to set goals, track progress and gun for a personal best”.

It will be interesting to see what my scores will be. Will keep you posted!